Meet Nic and Tom – the subjects of my latest episode.


You’ll hear from Tom who tells their story and is now crowdfunding to make a documentary called The Easy Bit, about how men are affected during fertility treatment. As Tom states very clearly in our chat “I’m very conscious of the fact I never want to compare what men go through to what women go through as it is so very different”. Tom however is keen to put the spotlight on the struggles men have and, like I try to do with this podcast give them a voice. You can find out more about the crowd funding campaign to support The Easy Bit here 

I first found out about Tom and his partner Nic from twitter, where I find so many fascinating people willing to share their story on this podcast. The pair were writing a blog together about their fertility treatment and the challenges it threw in their faces. Nic had to undergo surgery ahead of treatment and the pair documented their steps initially to let their family know what they were going through rather than having to repeat themselves again and again. But as you’d imagine, their blog was far more reaching.

Tom’s work for a production company meant he was also responsible for producing the #HiddenFaces campaign for Fertility Network UK which is a brilliant insight into the variety of people affected by #infertility. I urge you to watch the videos.

You can also keep track of Tom’s progress with his crowd funding campaign by following it on twitter and Tom is still looking for men to take part. If you or someone you know has decided to stop trying after failed #fertility treatment and you would be happy to talk to Tom, tweet him or email me

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