What are the best fertility apps?

There are numerous fertility apps to use when trying to conceive and rather than look at all of them, I’ve picked a few which are all pretty different to have a chat with the people behind them or involved in their day to day working.

Firstly Kate Davies explains her work with Ovusense. Now I have interviewed Kate previously on this podcast about her work as a fertility coach and her business Your Fertility Journey  and it was great to catch up with her again.

Kate has written a great overview of whole host of fertility apps available  – do have a read here In our chat Kate explains her consultancy work with Ovusense and why she is so passionate about how it works.

Ovusense is the only app with a vaginal sensor which I was very curious to understand more about how it works. Follow the app on twitter here


Next up is Phil Druce, founder of OvulationCalulator.com a really new player in the market already reporting huge pregnancy numbers from users who have registered their success.

You’ll hear Phil’s story and his own fertility journey as he’s the father or twins after fertility treatment. You can also find out more all the details about the Ovulation Calulator community and the great blog posts shared via the Ovulation Calculator website  and you can follow on twitter here 


Finally we hear from Paula Campos, the founder of Naula an app for use during fertility treatment, so once you know what you are having this is your pocket guidebook with diagrams and how to videos for injections and reminders you can share with your partner. It’s brilliant and I would have really appreciated using something like this during my fertility treatment. Follow Naula on twitter here