Hi, I’m Natalie, your host of The Fertility Podcast . This podcast has one main mission  – to give you support, information and peace of mind on your journey to starting a family.

Me, having a moment at Moovin Festival this summer – 2017

You’re probably here due to your plans not being as straight forward as you’d hoped. That is why I created The Fertility Podcast. Now before I go on, please know I am not an expert in fertility.  I had  successful fertility treatment in 2014 and have a little boy called Phoenix, who was born in March 2015.  The journey was extremely daunting for us, especially for my husband. We chose to keep pretty quiet about what we going through.  I told my family, my husband didn’t. I told my best friend, my husband didn’t. 

Producer Phoenix!

 I felt pretty fortunate as my best friend had been through the same thing, and she was there every step of the way for me to quiz, vent my frustrations, make me think positively.. I shared what she told me with my husband and I believe our positive mindset had a massive part in our successful first time…. but you might think that is very naive. I know I was lucky to have a close friend to talk to, as for many of us, that isn’t the case.  My husband only had me because Men don’t talk at the best of times. This was one of our worse times. But we had a process to follow and once we knew the path we were on, we worked through it together.  Once pregnant,  I knew I wanted to do more with my experience than just live it hence the creation of this podcast. I also wanted to make sure that men were heard more. My husband definitely felt that his viewpoint wasn’t important during the consultations we had. So I’ve been on a mission to give Male Fertility a voice as part of my content and you can hear previous episodes here .

During my time on Heart Breakfast

Who am I, well I’ve worked for over a decade as a radio presenter for Heart, a commercial radio station in the UK. I left a breakfast show which I’d hosted for five years to have my first child. Dealing with work whilst going fertility treatment was tough. I didn’t want them to know what was going on, but I had to say something as I couldn’t just not show up to host a breakfast show.  I’ve realised from people I interview how many of us have our lives turned upside down from infertility. Many women I have spoken to have had to give up work as they just couldn’t manage it.

If that’s where you are – please do have a listen to previous episodes as you will hear others talking about their journey and how they are managing.  So many of us are affected in so many different ways that I find myself constantly amazed at how determined we are to get the family we always imagined we would have. I’ve now made over100 episodes for you to have as an aid, a companion,a  guide whether you are male or female, gay or straight, in a couple or single. 

I hope to offer a safe place of discussion, with interviews from fertility experts to support groups, other bloggers and as I said, people like you and me, who have been through or are going through treatment. There’s no explanation as to why some of us find starting a family is not as straight forward as we all naively thought it would be and fertility is still a taboo subject for many. Please remember though – infertility is nobody’s fault. 

You will need support and wherever you choose to get it from, please know RIGHT HERE,  is one constant source  for you to trust. With your continued support I will continue to reach out to people asking for the pearls of wisdom and for them to share their stories that help you get through this unfair period of time and hopefully empower you and give you strength whatever happens next. 

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